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Compassionate Alien Press believes that it’s time for Planet Earth to adopt new stories.

We reject the current leading narratives that cast reality in strict terms of good and evil and portray beings in polarized terms. Instead, we seek narratives that deconstruct dualistic paradigms of otherness.


The other can be from this world or not, human or non-human. With this casting of otherness comes an us-versus-them stance. What is considered alien is thereby discriminated against and ostracized for being different than what’s considered normal. We seek to dissolve these negative connotations around the idea and term “alien” whether or not that being happens to come from Planet Earth.  


Reducing the polarization of the other need not dissolve diversity. Seemingly disparate parts can be unified while simultaneously celebrating diversity. We do not seek to neutralize diverse forms, but instead seek to promote a multiplicity in oneness, as Zenju Earthlyn Manuel says in her book The Way of Tenderness. The experiences provided by literature can support this paradox.


This mission is supported by building a wide representation of voices. We embrace the diversity of appearances as thought forms, ways of being, and physical forms. We welcome all unique voices, especially those from the LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and AAPI communities.


We at Compassionate Alien Press see an inherent interconnectedness of all things and beings in this Universe; nothing is truly separate. Through the art of fiction, we seek to remind readers that this interconnection of diverse forms unites us all.



***Please note that we are not currently accepting submissions. We are a very new company and are currently only focusing on one publication at a time.***

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