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The Elders' Sequence

Book One of The Leaders of Aluzamoak Series

By S. A. Ferguson

The fiery but compassionate Mira Chandra-Sifdarra leads the alien planet of Aluzamoak and its empire with her spouse, native-born Zaraith. She has vowed to serve her new people at all costs. Breaking those vows means death.

When Zaraith begins to exploit his authority, Mira questions every role she plays on his world. The mystical elders that elected them keep their knowledge secret and their operations opaque, leading to more questions. Mira must navigate alien cultures and politics to find an answer to an intractable problem: keep her vows to Zaraith or fight him to keep the vow she has made to take his place. 

Coming August 15, 2024!


Cover Design by Pandora Young

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